Actress, actress… you really stop the show.
Don’t you know how much more I would die to Know?
With a seaside stare and your English air….
My only care is when
I’ll be under your arrest again

So, temptress, temptress… play another part
For I’ve seen this role played too few times apart
I’m no also-ran or flash-pan-fan
I never cared to fake it
And if you keep on breaking hearts like this
You’ll make it

It’s hard to know where I should go from here
Run me through the script, a walk on would be fine
Thoughts of you to me are just as typical as
Props inside a pantomime

Actress, actress…
One more encore
Don’t leave just yet, without me, not yet
The crowds will always stand
One day you’ll find your perfect leading man
Until then I’ll do the best I can