The hardest goodbye I’ll ever say
Is the one that will kill
If you walk away
Sometimes it feels like

You’ve rehearsed it
But that show won’t open
If you think that we’re worth it
Ain’t you tired of pushing
Me away now?
When I’m longing to hear
“Darlin’ stay now”
A fork in the road
Where are we headed?
I bought us the book with the map
But we never read it

Change, wouldn’t it be easy
If we could change just a little bit?

The hardest hello
I’ve ever known
Is the one that you spoke
When you met me
‘cause I didn’t know
We’d have so much more to say
And how could I know
Know that you’d get me?
I’m finding it hard
To find some peace inside
Even though you’re the one
Who put it there at the start
You hung up again
Oh why do you have to hide?
Give me permission
To handle your heart

Change, wouldn’t it be easy
if we could change just a little bit?

Fall into my arms and change