Close Enough

The hearts of mere acquaintances undo no pain to them
But those who are close enough, I think, can make life but lose again
And guess who’s in a quandary to chance and now commit
I wrestle the doubts to the ground unafraid
The engine cries out: step on it!
And tear yourself into the light
I beg don’t move any closer I’ll cry
Because that’s close enough
That’s close enough to keep these eyes of mine dry.

And armed with nought but shadows it’s a dream to optimize
When love’s one foreign currency whose rates fail to surprise
And love’s rule’s very fashion is a stranger to all hearts
Yet no kinder style could make you smile
Shake hands and laugh, but just for a while
The question is burning inside
Embers answer but never decide
Just stop
That’s close enough, that’s close enough to keep these eyes of mine dry.