Marina’s on the door again
She’s calling in the boys from the rain
She’ll show you a show
If you got no where to go

One week shy of 53
Clutching books on numerology
There’s leak in her heart
She’s got nothing to start

And its easy to feel the cold when you think that you’re no one
And it’s hard to see places when faces don’t come out to show one

So Marina is dancing all alone
Like queen Elizabeth on a fag break down the road
And she’s dreaming of a summer that has no rain
To take her away from the boys in the line and the girls on the game

Her son she says is good with cars
Others say he’s behind bars
She won’t hear what they told her
One day he’ll pull up in a Roller

Her daily highlights picking out scents
The stingers bring ‘em down in price
It’s a treasure chest in polythyne
She really loves the latest Calvin Klein