Oaky Dokey

Ladies and gentleman, I give you… at enormous expense, a veritable cornucopia of charisma and class…

For your delectation and delight, we have the delicious,
the de-lovely lady Lisa!

Strict of tempo and by way of Hounslow, a groove you won’t believe
from Gentleman Georgie light fingers and young bellowing hurricane Steve.

Fresh from the fable, come Echo, Narcissus and their magical art,
not forgetting her royal highness: the Architect of the Heart…

On the Horns of Plenty, Mr. Castle blows a wish,
as Monsieurs Holland and Hill orchestrify the dish!

Last but not least, the leader of the feast,
The intrepid Monsieur Arnold. A dandy, a devil,
a maestro of minstrelsy and cheer!

Are you ready? Really ready? Are you listening my lovelies? Yes?

Oaky Dokey!