Soho Heroes

Ronnie Scott – 1927-1996. Francis Bacon:

If you can talk about it, Why paint it?

Muriel Belcher – 1908–1979. Jeffrey Bernard:

One way to stop a runaway horse is to bet on him

William Blake – 1757-1827. Sarah Bernhardt:

It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich

Sebastian Horsley – 1962-2010. Peter Cook:

Everything I’ve ever told you, including this, is a lie

From classical to Dada, for Jazz and Rock and Roll
Where a legend from the RADA played a Journalist with Soul
So get that final helping, ‘cause it’s going, gone, bye-bye
Yes everything must go, but Soho Heroes never die.

Canaletto – 1697-1768. Maurice Huggett

Don’t Touch The Props! Leave The props alone!

Casanova – 1725-1798. Karl Marx:

Workers of the world unite!

George Melly – 1926-2007
John Logie Baird – 1888-1946 (Still watching)
Paul Raymond, Lucian Freud, Keith Moon, and Danny La Rue
Laura Henderson: We have made rather a go at it haven’t we?

Mozart – 1756-1791. Michael Wojas:

It’s not about the money, it’s about the art

William Hazlitt, Lord Nelson, Sid Vicious. Derek Jarman:

I’m not afraid of death, I am afraid of dying

Sir Joshua Reynolds – 1723-1792. Shelley:

Fear not for the future, weep not for the past

Franz Liszt, John Snow, Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud
Vivian Van Damn, Sheila Van Damn, when are Westminster Council going to give a damn?

…but from a Revolutionary to a May Day Riot Cop
It’s beautifully hairy and that energy won’t stop
So get your final helping, ‘cause it’s going, gone, bye-bye
Yes nothing lasts forever, but Soho Heroes never die.
Yes nothing lasts forever, but Soho Heroes never die.

PETER John Dryden – 1631-1700, Samuel Johnson – 1709-1784, Peter Mark Roget – 1779-1869, ,Samuel Romilly – 1757-1818, Johann Strauss – 1825-1899, Frankie Vaughn – 1928-1999, Ian Board – 1929-1994, They say ‘Soho is not what it used to be’.
It never was!