The Piccadilly Trot

The Piccadilly Trot
(Written by G Arthurs, E.W David and Tim Arnold. Arng. Tim Arnold)

“No doubt you’ve heard about the Turkey Trot.
Some say it’s rot. Some say it’s not.
Well, I’ve got another one that speaks a lot.
And it doesn’t come from Yankee land.

If you see a Johnny in the latest style,
money a pile glossy new dial
With a swagger you can see for half a mile,
you will quickly understand

It’s the Piccadilly trot trot trot trot
Now the rage in town
It’s the Piccadilly trot trot trot trot
See Him strolling all up and down
With a pretty little girl. What’s what what?
It’s a day for a hot plate, something
Very fine, fine, simply divine
Grab yourself a girly and fall right into line
Dance the pic pic picadilly Trot

When the lights are gleaming in the crowded square
Glad eyes are there. Pickles to bare
Songs about the circus, something’s in the air
But no one there to sing behold

See the dainty duchesses a slip him a wink
Ah, that means a drink, what do you think?
Meet the son that’s prodigal
And he’s in the pink, he ated all the fatted calf

It’s the Piccadilly trot trot trot trot………..

Under blue skies where cupid flies
Love spread those wings
You’re on the scene that’s always been
A destination to pulls the heart strings

Oh it’s fine fine simply divine.They take ‘em to the station ‘till the p’liceman calls the fine. That’s the pic pic picadilly trot