Feel free to listen to a prophet, but you won’t hear till you tell yourself
You can find organized religion, but it won’t organize yourself
You really read the backs of all those covers
But those books never ever ever left your shelf
And even after all the healing you can get your hands on
You’re gonna be stuck with yourself

You can get high, but you’re going nowhere
You can get out, but you’re seeing nothing
Forget everything and everyone else
But you can’t ever forget yourself

It feels good to place your faith in something
A can of cokes as good as God or TV idols to me
But its not about what you believe in
Its about how much you really believe
I’ve been from crazy pagans to Rosicrucians,
Shakespeare’s sonnets to the Buddha’s Bonnet
And Sunday school just to bump into somebody else
And none of them let you down. They won’t ever run out
Unless they know you’re running out on yourself

You can get high but you’re going no where
You can get out but you’re seeing nothing
Yu can forget everything and everyone else
But you can’t ever forget Yourself