Save Soho

Tim is the founder of Save Soho, a lobbying group created to raise awareness and protect the future of the performing arts in London’s Soho.  Along with Benedict Cumberbatch and chairman Stephen Fry, Tim has brought the concerns about Soho’s future to an international audienceSave Soho continues to unite people who are passionate about retaining the inclusive character of London’s Soho, whilst it remains under threat by big business and corporate strategies.  Visit the Save Soho site here.

Ben and Tim working on Tim's album Sonnet 155 in 2010 (PHOTO TIM ARNOLD)Stephen and Tim (Save Soho)Tim Arnold 'The Soho Hobo' leading Jo Jo's closure protest 2 (RJK PHOTOS)Madame Jo Jo's funeral procession (Photo by Juliet Shalam)1.3


The Soho Hobo

The Soho Hobo is the name given to Tim’s alter ego of a wandering minstrel who chronicles London’s most famous square mile.

“The Soho Hobo is quite possibly the concept album that Ray Davies never wrote about Soho.”
The Express

The Soho Hobo is also a stage show of the forthcoming album, featuring actors, spoken word, burlesque and of course, Tim’s songs about Soho.
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Sonnet 155

Sonnet 155 is Tim Arnold’s 12th solo album as well as a stage show. A provocative re-imagining of Shakespeare’s themes through classical music, rock music and spoken word.

In early 2007 Tim wrote over 30 individual letters to Shakespearean actors (including Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi) asking:
What theme in Shakespeare best described the human condition?
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Marina – The Musical

Marina – A New Musical by Tim Arnold

Marina The Musical explores the little known but legendary dealings of the privileged and cursed, who tread the streets and run the clip joints of Soho’s shady alley ways.
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Soho Heroes

Soho Heroes – Written by Tim Arnold | Photography by Andy Fallon

‘SOHO HEROES’ is a book of a personal journey through singer songwriter Tim Arnold’s most beloved Soho people and places.
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