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Marina – The Musical

Marina – A New Musical by Tim Arnold

Marina The Musical explores the little known but legendary dealings of the privileged and cursed, who tread the streets and run the clip joints of Soho’s shady alley ways.

Into this world steps Rae, a young woman in search of her real father.

It leads her to the door of Bar Sicilia, where the former king of Soho’s underworld, Jean Medina is trying to break free of the vice like grip that Soho has over him.

A world that exists after midnight, where misfits zone out in all-night drinking holes and hostesses are out to sell their hearts of gold for another fix. Angry and confused, Rae will try to find out who she is, and where she really comes from.

Among the many tales told in the musical, another story unfolds, the story of a Windmill girl’s fall from grace and how her story from the 1960’s connects to Rae’s journey in 1995.

Our story charts the transformation of ’60’s Revuedeville Soho into sleaze, corruption and clip joint chaos at the end of a century, as we follow three separate lives that intertwine with dramatic and life changing consequences.

Although a fictional story, each character is based on a real person that writer/composer Tim Arnold has known throughout his life in the area. A deeply personal and first hand account of Soho that spans 4 decades. A story told by an insider.

Marina is a London musical, with Soho as our tragic ‘heroine’.

It is about the guts beneath the glamour, the diamonds in the dirt, the choices we make, the forgiveness we all want to be given and the forgiveness we all need to give.