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Sonnet 155

Sonnet 155 is Tim Arnold’s 12th solo album as well as a stage show. A provocative re-imagining of Shakespeare’s themes through classical music, rock music and spoken word.

In early 2007 Tim wrote over 30 individual letters to Shakespearean actors (including Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi) asking:
What theme in Shakespeare best described the human condition?

Replies to his letters poured in and with the help of those who have devoted their lives to working on and in Shakespeare’s plays, Tim formed the basis of what would become the album, Sonnet 155.

In 2010, B7 Productions presented a unique theatrical performance of Sonnet 155 staged at The Almeida Theatre, featuring actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Lisa Dillon, Richard Briers, Paul McGann & Hattie Horahan. Directed by acclaimed theatre director, Deborah Bruce.

The production merged the three actors with the musicians, words interwoven with the songs, sometimes spoken over music, sometimes over silence, sometimes with the lyrics. B7 productions is currently in development to release a film of Sonnet 155 in addition to future productions of the album show.