Restrung (2008 – Classical)

Restrung Master

After working on several albums with Jonathan Hill (violin) and Nick Holland (cello), I really wanted to listen to the string arrangements we had worked on together for my songs without my voice getting in the way. In fact, I started listening to the mixes without my voice and realised that they were still fully formed pieces that stood strongly in their own right. Years later, I would explore this idea fully with Sounds to Pictures, but Restrung has it’s own particular identity to me and by reworking the piano arrangements, I found myself falling in love with the music all over again. I spend so much time writing string lines to compliment a song and a song’s words, but then when it’s all been put together, I realise just how strong the string lines are, and that it’s impossible to appreciate them during the pace of an entire song. Most of my songs are just too self sufficient. The parts all work in their own right, so Restrung was an effort to give space back to those musical passages that I love.



  1. Another World
  2. Marina
  3. Perfect
  4. One Hundred Reasons
  5. Life In A Day
  6. Close Enough
  7. Nothing Like I Feel
  8. Feeling The Change Inside
  9. River Of Love
  10. Something Special
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