Seekers Serum (1998 – Progressive)

Seeker's Serum Cover 2

Pop Matters

After my first band Jocasta parted with Sony, it became clear that the band was not going to survive very long. I began to explore the music I had started listening to as a child. Artists like Mike Oldfield, Philip Glass and Tangerine Dream. Long-form, progressive rock. I went through a period of intense isolation in 1997 and spent most of it writing and recording this album ‘Seeker’s Serum’ which comprises of two long-form pieces of music, each 22 minutes long.

I have no idea how I would recreate something like this again. I don’t think I even have the master recordings anymore. It does sound a little like the sound of someone losing their mind, picking up all the little pieces of chaos and sticking them together with form and structure. As an instrumental piece of music, I love the composition and can recognise where I was at emotionally when I made it. It stayed on a floppy disk for years until I set up my label in 2005 and decided to make it available. I don’t think it’s unflawed, but it’s an important piece of my musical growth so it felt right to officially include it in my canon of work. Seeker’s Serum is just as the title says – I was searching my way out of pain and the music became a cure during that time.



  1. Seekers Serum – Part one
  2. Seekers Serum – Part two
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