Tim Arnold – Constellations
(2020 – Neo-classical)

Constellations | The Promised Sky

“What has been created here is one of the finest instrumental albums I’ve heard in a very long time.  Frankly, you couldn’t find a more perfect album for a little self-isolation escapism.”  Adam Jenkins, FATEA Magazine


“It was an absolutely transporting delight.  The soaring violin played my heartstrings across the board of the whole album.”  Jane Teresa Anderson, Dream Analyst

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Constellations is the third album in Tim Arnold’s Sounds to Pictures series and a project that explores dreaming with artist and dreamer Kate Alderton.

In a new creative process exploring dreams, synchronicity and what Tim terms as ‘action composing’, the ten compositions were each written on ten different nights, over the space of ten weeks. Tim started to write each new piece after finishing a telephone conversation about dreams with Kate.

As Kate entered sleep and dreams on the south coast of England, Arnold, would begin to compose a new piece of music back in London, while she dreamt.  At the end of the ten-week process, violinist Jonathan Hill joined Tim to build on the musical arrangements and record the violin passages.

Once Tim had completed the recording of the album, Kate listened to the album as she slept and used her dreams to create collages, resulting in the original album artwork.

The album is led by Jonathan on violin, with all other instrumentation performed by Tim, and Kate joining for two tracks on Singing Bowls.  Plans are now in place to push the collaborative project even further by evolving the artistic call and response approach of Constellations by inviting dreamers and dancers to work with the music.

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  1. Karman Crossing
  2. Intertreasure Overdrive
  3. Constellations
  4. Beautiful You
  5. The Whispering Hour
  6. Times Apart
  7. Who Looks Outside, Dreams
  8. Who Looks Inside, Awakens
  9. The Path of Heart
  10. The Sea Calls