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11 hours ago

Tim Arnold

A message from Tim:

I begin most days asking what 'Love' would want. Sometimes I write a letter and ask, and at other times I will go straight round to Love's home, knock on the door and ask what it want's to it's face. And that's what I did today.

It expressed very clearly (and not altogether patiently) that 'what is wants' is to be shared. So I told 'Love' about Facebook, and Facebook's very big, blue 'Share' button. And Love turned to me and said "But do people press the big blue button? I've heard sharing on social media has been in decline" (Love is an avid reader of tech news), so I said "Not always, but It has been known. Sometimes people really do share. And anyway, how could they refuse you? You are 'Love' itself, aren't you?".

Love nodded at me, gave me a grin, put it's beautiful white wings on and flew into this post.

Love is literally waiting...for you. Tx

'What Love Would Want'

WritTim Arnoldrected by Lindsay KemptarrinEmmanuel Vass - Pianommanuel VManchester Lesbian & Gay ChorusLesbian &aBen Pelchatrus
Sound by Ben Pelchat

Filmed andThe Bridgewater Hall at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

Ask what Love would want,
do what Love would want
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I don't share many things at the moment, but how could I refuse this? 😊

2 days ago

Tim Arnold

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Political leaders are not acting quickly enough to win the race against the climate emergency. I trust young people like @GretaThunberg to push my generation, to push their parents, to push societies to save our planet & our future.