“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.”

I’ve never seen teaching as anything other than sharing, and that process continues to be one of my greatest pleasures. In both songwriting, composition, production and video production. I’ve taught all kinds of seekers in the world of music from wise old Buddhist Monks in Thailand to artists who are just beginning their journey in the audio-visual arts.

Please email [email protected] for all enquiries about my mentoring sessions. Lessons in songwriting, composition, performance, Pro Audio recording and production, video creation, NFTs or simply help with getting you started on any creative journey.

Tim Teaches Creativity

“Tim’s approach to teaching is perfect for up and coming artists. He caters for each individual according to their needs and his experience of multiple genres of music is perfect for young artists who are still exploring which direction they want to take. Tim’s passion for music is infectious and he has the ability to make people believe in themselves and the creativity that they are developing. He is always positive and encouraging which allows students to explore musical possibilities without inhibition and grow artistically. Tim is also very generous with the wealth of information and industry contacts that he has acquired throughout his long and successful career in the music business. Therefore, he is both teacher and mentor.’

Jai Ramage, vocal coach – Jai Ramage Voice

“Working with Tim has helped massively with my approach to writing and producing my own music. He has really opened my mind to the many different ways a song can be written, recorded or performed, and by teaching me the importance of connection to the music, I am now writing and producing my own songs on a completely different level. Thanks to the work Tim and I have done together, along with the amazing support and guidance he has given me as an experienced singer-songwriter, new and exciting doors are opening up to me in the industry. I admire Tim as a very talented singer-songwriter.”

Sara Strudwick, singer songwriter, UK

“My songwriting lessons with Tim have helped me understand that there is no right or wrong in music, but there are many ways to view a song’s journey. As well as teaching me basic theory for much of the time, he also guided me through the struggles I faced within a composition. Tim is a very experienced musician; his gifted knowledge has given me inspired confidence to continue with my music writing.”

Becky Briggs, singer songwriter, UK