Tim Arnold Biography 2023

“An animated and fascinating frontman” – Classic Rock ★★★★

“Bowie and Byrne manoeuvres and indie-rock grandiosity– Clash ★★★★

“This is worth your attention”The Times ★★★★

“Brit polymath”– Mojo ★★★★

Singer songwriter, film-maker, composer and social activist.

Mixed-race and autistic, Arnold was raised by his mother and her same-sex partner amidst a working-class theatrical community. Embracing his LGBTQIA+ heritage, he actively campaigns for inclusivity and diversity through his music.

When Iggy Pop told NME that Tim Arnold’s work reminded him of David Bowie, Arnold’s career was given a new lease of life. Seven albums later and this independent multi-media artist continues to create and self-release music from his home studio with an indefatigable DIY and community collaborative approach.

Without a record label, management or agent, he’s independently released 26 albums. With his latest album Super Connected garnering 4-star reviews in Mojo, The Times and Neurodiverse Review.

Arnold has been working on Super Connected for several years, using his songwriting to explore the seductive power of screen addiction and its corrosive effect on mental health.

Writing songs that touched on his own mental health prompted him to seek psychiatric assessment from the NHS during the 2020 lockdown. Two years later, the album complete, he was finally diagnosed with autism and ADHD. What started as a concept album about human behaviour and big tech, resulted in an empowering journey of self-discovery.

Arnold’s autism has presented significant difficulties, making it challenging to progress in his career.

Looking at his career highlights, it’s hard to believe he has self-produced such a body of work without professional representation. But it has given him the freedom to explore unique and eclectic ways of creating. With Super Connected, Arnold addresses social media’s impact on our mental health. A narrative driven concept album for the digital age, it occupies a surprisingly uncharted lyrical territory in contemporary music.

In 2022, UK charity Help Musicians acknowledged Arnold as an artist with a disability. The charity supported the album launch of Super Connected, which debuted to standing ovations at London’s Roundhouse in May 2023.


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Tim Arnold is a singer. This was taken at The Roundhouse in London on may 12th 2023

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