Peter Gabriel once said that limitations can be the best tool for an artist. Working with what you’ve got, less can actually become more. From my first album onwards, I knew I would not be able to tour my albums. There just isn’t funding for that. However, it has always been possible to do one or two special one off shows for each album. A presentation of my vision of what a national or worldwide tour of my music would look like. That’s what I’ve done throughout my creative journey, and it soon became clear that the right setting and the right audience for my music was to be found in small theatres, not music venues. If you’re only able to fund one single showing of your latest work, it makes sense to have a seated audience who can strap in for the ride and stay with you until the end of the journey.  Fighting bar room chatter with a new born baby album lost it’s appeal for me in 2007, so preparing a special one off event for an album has become an important part of my life.

To date, that’s how my albums have been realised in a live setting.  Secrets of Soho debuted at the old Raymond Revue Bar in Soho, Another World at The Union Chapel, Sonnet 155 at The Almeida Theatre, The Soho Hobo at Soho Theatre and I Am for You at The Roundhouse.  I’ve been blessed to present work in these extraordinary venues and it enabled me to mount strong productions around each album. I remain grateful and proud that I have been able to fulfil the creative vision for each album in a live setting, at least once.

Since 2006, each of my album shows have been creatively managed and produced by Nim Arnold.

The Small World of Sammy Lee

 In development.

I am currently working on a musical stage adaptation of the 1964 Anthony Newley film ‘The Small World of Sammy Lee’ with actor/producer Shane Richie and playwright Terry Johnson.

Photos of TA Shows