Conceived by singer songwriter/video artist Tim Arnold, What Love Would Want is a living art installation and performance piece that evolved from his song of the same name. What Love Would Want tours cities across the globe and films loving couples from each city, live in sync with the song. Publicly supported by Stephen Fry, Kevin Godley, Kate Bush, BBC 6 MUSIC and Amnesty International, the project’s aim is to promote love, diversity and inclusivity.  The latest incarnation of the project and video starred the legendary Lindsay Kemp in his last ever stage performance.  Watch the video and read the full story at The Quietus.


Manchester 2018 (feat. Lindsay Kemp)

In the inaugural multimedia run of the 10-hour installation at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, Arnold filmed couples while Fallon photographed them again. This time, the piece was created on stage, cordoned off by a rope so that the public could walk onto the stage and see the work come to life.

In the second act of the piece, Arnold recorded his song in front of a live audience with pianist Emmanuel Vass and the Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus as images of the couples that were filmed and photographed during the day were screen projected above the stage.  For the final take of the song, legendary dancer and performance artist Lindsay Kemp created a dance to personify love, using elaborate lighting designs with his piece that has been known for many years as ‘The Angel’.

The third and final act of the installation comprised of a discussion between Arnold, Kemp and Fallon and was presented by writer and broadcaster Katie Puckrik. You can read about Lindsay Kemp’s and Tim Arnold’s collaboration here. The third version of What Love Would Want, featuring Lindsay Kemp is coming soon.

Toronto 2018

Re-writing and recording the song in French with Canadian solo artists Ben Pelchat and Alexy Guerer, Arnold and Fallon repeated the visual recording process with couples from Toronto, including couples from the indigenous Canadian community.

London 2017 (feat. Stephen Fry)

In April 2017, Arnold and Fallon filmed and photographed 26 couples including actor Stephen Fry and his husband Elliot Spencer.

Originally intended as a simple music video for Arnold’s song What Love Would Want, the song went on to be used to raise awareness about Chechnya’s policy on gay people, with Arnold performing the song at The Russian Embassy in a petition hand in by Amnesty International, along with public appearances from Sir Ian McKellan, Peter Tatchell and Michael Cashman.