My relationship with Soho is the easiest google in the world. My name seems to be attached to the place regardless of which search engine you use. It’s endless and it makes me smile.  It’s also strange to me because I see Soho as a just one part of my life.  But it will forever be sewed tightly to me with great affection.  Soho’s reach is both global and universal. And that’s why I went from singing about it to campaigning about it.

If you ever find yourself disconnected from the world and left outside of the life you dreamt about, try talking to strangers about what you love. You won’t be lonely for long. At least that’s how it worked out for me, first with The Soho Hobo album and then with Save Soho. My love affair with Soho is similar to a student working on a local school project. And maybe that’s why the Soho community supported me in each song, photograph, album and live event that I created there.

Like many musicians at the beginning of a career, my plan as a teenager was to tour the world with music. When that became impossible, I put a frame around everything I loved in my local village and did my best to turn it into art. I was very lucky that the village in question, was Soho.

Save Soho

The Small World of Sammy Lee

In development

I am currently working on a musical stage adaptation of the 1964 Anthony Newley film ‘The Small World of Sammy Lee’ with actor/producer Shane Richie and playwright Terry Johnson.