Soho Confidential (2006 – Live)

Soho Confidential-album cover

After I released the Secrets of Soho album, I hawked my wears around the small clubs in Soho and performed the album as much as I could. It wasn’t easy at first, but eventually a lot of the small clubs welcomed me to put on shows when they saw how devoted I was to the area with that album. Soho Confidential is a live album and collection of songs that I was performing at the time. It was recorded on the rooftop terrace of Soho House on Greek Street. In the audience that night was BBC Radio presenter Gary Crowley. I had grown up watching Gary on TV in shows like The Beat. I think he probably introduced me to every single one of my favourite bands in the 90’s.

After a long chat about Soho and my background in the area, Gary became genuinely interested about my life. We hit it off over a mutual love for Anthony Newley and went on to The Phoenix Artist Club to carry on our conversation. By the wee small hours, we’d hatched a plan whereby I would get him a DVD copy of The Small World of Sammy Lee (unavailable at the time) and he would interview me for this live album.

I am still in two minds as to whether or not I should keep the interview online. I’m very candid in it. But for the time being it captures a moment in my life. I sound very young. Gary was incredibly gracious to give me his time. The afternoon we spent together going over my journey helped me put my creativity into context. It remains a special memory.

Featuring Gary Crowley



  1. The Gary Crowley Interview
  2. Inside Out (Live in Soho)
  3. Marina (Live in Soho)
  4. Actress (Live in Soho)
  5. Life In A Day (Live in Soho)
  6. Yourself (Live in Soho)
  7. Je Ne Regrette Rien (Live in Soho)
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